Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Building and Construction Market place In Turkey.

Turkey today has one of the largest construction field fields in the globe.

The GDP of Construction and Building sector is now over 6% and it employs more than 1.5 million people . When all the connected and serving supplies from other businesses are taken into account, the share of the construction market in the Turkish economy reaches nearly 30% and the employment affect as much as 10%.
The industry is still extending and growth rate by the end of 2011 was over 11%. This sector is one of the main reasons and a driving force in the present-day economic uplift of Turkey.
The infrastructure development has assisted and accented the sector with many major projects Such as the construction of the high speed railway line which will connect the capital city and the largest population centers with Istanbul and serve more than 17 million people to spread around the country. This compliments the large scale and huge improvement of the road network and the constant upgrading of its system of Airports for indigenous and international customers.
The Turkish Contractors Association (TCA) has a organization of well qualified engineers architects and all required professions to supply contracting companies A good 90% of the members of TCA are composed of engineers and architects. These highly competent professionals are responsible for the realization of 70% of domestic construction works and 80% of over 4200 projects undertaken Internationally in 69 countries.
31 Turkish contracting companies were ranked among the World’s Top International Contractors which was announced by the leading international industry magazine in 2011.
By the end of 2011, Turkish contractors had undertaken nearly 6500 projects in 94 countries, with a total value of over £100 billion .As an export sector in is substantial and that activity internationally brings reciprocal and supply advantages home.
One of the starting destinations Turkish contractors shipped their services to was Libya. So their offered services are truly international with cultural ties to the eastern markets and its pivotal regional location Turkey is becoming a centre of services around its borders
This is illustrated by figures in 2011, Turkish contractors had completed new projects totaling £9 billion with a share of 17.7% from the Russian Federation which has been a dominant international market for Turkish contractors for many years this is followed by Turkmenistan (17.0%), Iraq (9.8%) and Kazakhstan (8.9%).
As Turkey is also among the international top 12 producers of building materials such as cement, glass, steel and ceramic tiles. It not only supplies the construction and building services but has the goods to economically transport to many of its international markets and projects.

In conclusion Turkey has a building and construction sector that is and has been a giant in the latest times and with world events it appears that is set to keep up and develop

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