Thursday, 29 January 2015

Turkish Property Top Areas Mt Olympos One of Twelve Top Locations

I. Kaya Köyü

There is something truly unique in regards to the bucolic valley that unfurls at the feet associated with ghost settlement that is remarkable
of Kaya Köyü. Referred to as Levissi when it ended up being a vibrant community that is greek 1923), it's now a collection of cobbled
paths, roofless rock domiciles and attractive churches that stare down on the fertile valley from a hillside that is terraced
above. Behind the ridges circling the valley may be the Mediterranean, the famous lagoon at Ölüdeniz an amazing one
and a half hour’s stroll away, pretty Gemiler coastline a drive that is 15-minute. Exclusive Escapes has a few premium villas
obtainable in this rural idyll, all mixing in tastefully utilizing the time-worn environment of the valley.
J. Uçhisar, Cappadocia
Situated on the cliff-tops a mile or more above the tourist honey-pot of Göreme, Uçhisar has withstood the vicissitudes
of development far more effectively than its neighbour into the valley below. The village that is low-key dominated by a
near 200ft-high natural stone outcrop riddled with rock-cut dwellings. It creates a base that is great exploring the
magical volcanic landscape of Cappadocia – nevertheless the key to making Uçhisar such a place that is great stay would be the mesmeric
sunset views across the Cappadocian that is bizarre landscape distant Mt Erciyes. The existence of the well-regarded
Kocabag winery regarding the edge of the town is another boon.

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